Marden  2 – 1  Ashford L3


The top of the table clash this week between Ashford Ladies 3’s and an undefeated Marden side proved to be a well fought, competitive game. Both teams showed structure and determination in a very evenly matched battle. 

During the first half Ashford had the majority of possession but unfortunately lacked ability to link up in the D to secure a goal. 
Ashford attacked fearlessly despite getting frustrated with ineffective attempts to beat Marden’s defence. It was the opposition who  scored first on the counter attack but Ashford were a constant threat, never giving up. 

Both teams came back stronger for the second half, Ashford evened the score early after some scrappy play in Mardens D, upgraded to a short corner, where Linda Charlton hit another accurate strike, goal bound, aided by an opposition stick. 

Ashford desperately tried to find their next opportunity but Mardens’ defence were strong and made accurate tackles, which led to Mardens second goal. Again, on the counter attack Ashford weren’t quite fast enough to get back and the opposition were able to slip the ball to the right of our keeper. Player of the match, Becky Thomas, was resolute in defence throughout the game, precise tackles put a stop to many opposition advances. The game became quite stretched at both ends and despite relentless pressure from Ashford an equaliser could not be found. Marden 2-1 Ashford final score.